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Zapytanie o obóz narciarski

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Treść wiadomości: Drought may have held off locust outbreak as temperatures fell below freezing in parts of Kansas, where temperatures soared to nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit in an hour Wednesday night. A local emergency management official said the temperature dipped below zero at some points Wednesday and into the early morning hours as the high temperatures pushed southward.

The official said authorities were monitoring the situation in Kansas and its effect on Missouri, where at least nine people have reported heatstroke.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a disaster declaration for parts of eastern Oklahoma Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, Gov. Mary Fallin issued a State of Emergency and directed state parks and agencies to suspend activities from Wednesday to Wednesday morning, while schools in western Oklahoma remained closed.

Gov. Mary Fallin issued a State of Emergency for parts of eastern Oklahoma Tuesday night.

KANSAS CITY — Gov. Mary Fallin issued a State of Emergency in the Kansas City-based Kansas City area for part of the day Wednesday for an ongoing heat advisory, which would cover a swath that stretches west to the Missouri border, Gov. Mary Fallin said.

A state official said a severe winter weather threat had been reported in parts of central and northwestern Kansas in early Wednesday morning, with winds blowing 40 mph and a 20-mile storm surge estimated, according to an advisory posted on the U.S. National Weather Service’s website.

The governor’s office later said that the threat had been lifted, and that she instructed her office to suspend all travel plans in the area as the risk of further damage increased.

In western Oklahoma, the National Weather Service said on Wednesday morning it had seen damage in eastern Kansas and had placed the region under an extreme weather watch.

KANSAS CITY — The National Weather Service in Kansas City said it was suspending its weather services operation in that city for part of Wednesday morning, citing a „low temperature” of -35 degrees. The agency suspended operations in western Oklahoma, along the entire state’s north shore and in Kansas City-area towns from the north.

A spokesman for the state meteorologist’s office said the system’s low temperature was an indicator that a drought was on its way out.

„The rain’s gone, the high water’s gone, so it looks like it’s headed in a really favorable direction,” said Dave Reif, meteorologist for the NWS in Kansas City. „The main difference now is that we’re not seeing some type of blizzard or any of the storm surge that’s typically associated with that situation.”

The storm surge threat in Kansas City will increase, and a tornado watch will be in effect for parts of the city on Wednesday morning.

The storm surge in eastern Oklahoma is expected to increase, especially in the low-lying areas along Lak

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