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Zapytanie o obóz narciarski

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Treść wiadomości: Gastro outbreak hits kimberley town

Gastroenteritis A is spreading to more people in northern Virginia and is expected to expand into parts of Maryland, Maryland counties said Saturday.

The Department of Health said the infection is likely linked to an outbreak reported in the town of Chesterfield and to a recent rodent infestation in the nearby villages of Woodford and Stilwell.

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said two people have died, four are hospitalized and at least three have been sickened since Friday. There are nine people who still need medical treatment, Agriculture and Consumer Services spokeswoman Kaitlyn Miller said.

Officials said it doesn’t appear that more people will become sick, though they’re monitoring for signs of the disease, including fever and chills.

The outbreak is unusual given the low incidence of the disease in the region, but Miller said there are no other reports from the area.

Hanna Lintan, who owns a nursery business at the corner of South Main Street and Woodford Avenue in Chesterfield, said her employees aren’t complaining because of how quickly the rodents come around. They have been out in the yard all day without getting sick, she said.

„We’ve been doing a good job keeping them well because they have to eat,” she said. „They’re just waiting out there. People always complain about the rats but the animals will still come.”

Trey Smith, the state’s health commissioner, said Friday that there was a recent rodent infestation in the nearby villages of Woodford and Stilwell.

Council praised for approving bypass drain plans

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality announced Tuesday it is moving ahead with plans to install a bypass culvert to drain excess waste from a floodway below the city of Fort Worth.

The commissioners recommended approval of bypass drain plans Wednesday afternoon. But it remains unclear whether the plans will be approved.

The district, which is on a state grant, would have to approve the bypass drain plans before they become permanent.

Some city council members praised the commission’s action. They also said the decision allows the city to move ahead without a delay.

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